National Commission on the Rights of Child

Pakistan Pediatric Association and the NCRC Holds a Pre-Conference Symposium on Positive Parenting

The Pakistan Pediatric Association, in collaboration with the National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC) and other key stakeholders, recently organized a pre-conference symposium centered around the theme of Positive Parenting. The symposium aimed to underscore the pivotal role parents play in ensuring that every child is afforded their fundamental rights.

During the event, Mehek Naeem, a distinguished member from Punjab, highlighted the crucial role parents play in shaping the well-being and future of their children. She emphasized the need for a concerted effort to provide every child with their inherent rights, fostering an environment that nurtures their physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.

The symposium served as a platform for professionals, advocates, and parents to come together and exchange ideas on effective parenting strategies. Discussions centered around the importance of supportive parenting programs, the establishment of robust support systems, and the reinforcement of parental responsibility and accountability.

In her address, Mehek Naeem expressed the importance of unity in promoting positive parenting practices. She stated, “Parents are the architects of a child’s future, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to provide a nurturing environment for their children.”

The symposium echoed the sentiment that positive parenting not only contributes to the well-being of individual families but also has far-reaching effects on society as a whole.

As a call to action, the event encouraged the implementation of parenting programs, the establishment of robust support systems, and the emphasis on parental responsibility and accountability.