National Commission on the Rights of Child

NCRC Convenes Inaugural Advisory Committee Meeting to Combat Child Labour and Child Trafficking

NCRC commenced its inaugural advisory committee meeting on July 19 2023, followed by 2nd meeting of the advisory Committee on September 27 2023. Esteemed child rights experts, policymakers, CSO’s and other government stakeholders gathered to address critical issues concerning CDL and child trafficking, with a shared commitment to strengthening preventive measures and upholding the rights of children.

The Advisory Committee emphasized the need for an in-depth analysis of the current landscape, focusing on the root causes and far-reaching impacts of child labour and child trafficking. It also explored avenues to enhance awareness, advocacy efforts, and partnerships between government agencies, NGOs, and civil society.

The advisory committee meeting yielded a comprehensive set of recommendations covering various aspects of the proposed legislation to criminalize CDL. These recommendations are geared towards strengthening the bill and closing potential loopholes. The resounding consensus among committee members was that CDL must be treated as a grave offence, devoid of any compromises. The bill will explicitly prohibit compounding and bail in such cases, sending a strong message against child exploitation.

These advisory committee meetings underscore NCRC’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding children’s rights while taking into account the recommendations made by the experts from child rights experts.