National Commission on the Rights of Child

Political parties urged to prioritise children rights in their manifestos

ISLAMABAD: In commemoration of World Children’s Day, the National Commission on the Rights of the Child (NCRC) on Thursday called upon all political parties to prioritise children rights by incorporating a dedicated chapter on the “protection, promotion, and fulfillment of child rights” in their manifestos.

In a letter addressed to mainstream political parties, the commission highlighted the pressing issues faced by children , including child labor, child trafficking, child marriage, physical and sexual abuse, high rates of out-of-school children, and child mortality.

On World Children’s Day, the NCRC urged the political parties to take immediate and decisive action to end these atrocities and ensure that every child in Pakistan was guaranteed their fundamental rights and protection under the law.

Citing the NCRC Act, 2017, which empowered the NCRC to review laws, investigate violations, and advise the government on legislative and policy matters related to children’s rights, the commission also stressed the crucial role of political parties in shaping policies and advocating for legislation that safeguards the rights of children in Pakistan.

As per a statement, Pakistan currently struggles with one of the world’s lowest birth registration rates.

The commission specifically recommended the inclusion of a dedicated chapter in party manifestos, addressing key priority areas such as increasing enrollment to reduce out-of-school children, strengthening the legal and policy framework around child labor and child marriage, increasing birth registration, and ensuring child-centric budgeting.

The commission also extended guidance and support in crafting effective policies and strategies to the political parties.

“On this World Children’s Day, let us commit to rewriting the narrative for every child in Pakistan. Their rights and their dreams are non-negotiable. Together, we must ensure our manifestos reflect the promise of a childhood free from exploitation, filled with education, protection, and opportunities. Their future is our responsibility, and on this day, we declare that no child will be left behind,” stated NCRC Chairperson Ayesha Raza Farooq.

The commission awaits responses from political parties, anticipating a collective effort towards eradicating child rights violations and creating a brighter future for the nation’s youth.