National Commission on the Rights of Child

‘Colour of dreams’ contest held to create awareness of child rights

ISLAMABAD: As many as 310 children from public, private and special educational institutions participated in a contest meant to create awareness about rights of children.

The participants in the ‘Colour of dreams’ contest were tasked with creating artwork that depicted their perspectives on critical child rights issues in Pakistan. The themes ranged from child marriage, child labour, online protection, mental health, violence against children to out-of-school children and corporal punishment.

The event was organised by the National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC) in collaboration with the embassy of the Kingdom of Spain. The event held within the premises of the embassy brought together diplomats, senators, children, civil society and child rights activists.

The ambassador of Spain to Pakistan Jose Antonio de Ory was recognised for his support in commemorating the Universal Children’s Day in a manner that engaged children actively. The day is observed on November 20 every year.

Selecting the 50 best artpieces from the pool of entries proved to be a challenging task for the jury, given the exceptional talent and creativity displayed by the young artists. The competition, however, aimed not only to showcase artistic talent but also to empower youth to become advocates for change, engaging with their communities and contributing to the discourse on child rights.

Young artists not only showcased their creative prowess but also took time to explain the aspirations and motivations behind their compelling artworks.

In the opening address, NCRC Chairperson Ayesha Raza Farooq expressed gratitude for the partnership with the Spanish embassy.

“Child rights are not just legal principles, they are the foundation upon which we build a compassionate and just society. Our partnership with the embassy reflects a shared commitment to champion the cause of children’s rights in Pakistan. Today we are not only celebrating Universal Children’s Day but also affirming our dedication to fostering creativity, awareness and dialogue surrounding the issues faced by our children,” she said.

Ambassador Jose Antonio de Ory said: “Everything this embassy, and myself, can do in defence of the rights and well-being of children seems to me to be a duty and that is why I immediately committed to collaborating in an activity that we have developed together.”

The artwork produced during the competition is expected to provide insights, highlighting NCRC’s advocacy efforts and contributing to a more nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by children in Pakistan.