National Commission on the Rights of Child

Color of Dreams: Art Competition on Child Rights Award Ceremony Celebrates Youth Creativity and Advocacy

In a ceremony filled with warmth, creativity, and dedication, the National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC) celebrated the award ceremony for the ‘Color of Dreams: Embassy of Spain’s Art Competition on Child Rights.’ The event, organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, marked a significant step towards raising awareness about child rights in Pakistan.

The ceremony, held at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, brought together distinguished guests, including Ambassadors, Excellencies, Senators, children, civil society and child rights activist, all united in their commitment to championing the cause of children’s rights. His Excellency Mr. Jose Antonio de Ory, the Ambassador of Spain to Pakistan, was recognized for his unwavering support in commemorating the Universal Children’s Day in a manner that engaged children actively.

The ‘Color of Dreams’ competition successfully engaged 310 children from various schools, including public, private, and special education institutions. The participants were tasked with creating artwork that depicted their perspectives on critical child rights issues in Pakistan. The themes ranged from child marriage, child labor, online protection, mental health, violence against children, to out-of-school children and corporal punishment.

During the award ceremony, the young artists not only showcased their creative prowess but also took the time to explain the aspirations and motivations behind their compelling artworks. The ‘Color of Dreams’ Art Competition on Child Rights stands as a testament to the power of art and advocacy in creating positive change for the well-being and rights of children.