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Fulfilling the rights of children in Pakistan is not just an obligation, it makes good economic sense. The long-term losses that result from not investing in children are far greater than the cost of fulfilling their rights.
Under the Section 15(h) of the Act of the National Commission on the Rights of Child, it empowers the Commission to spread awareness and promote dialogue on child rights among various sections of the society and promote awareness of the safeguards available for protection of these rights.
To be useful, child rights must be known and understood. This means that policymakers, members of civil society, academia, media, caregivers and children must be aware of child rights, understand the basic concepts, and be able to put them into practice.
Raising awareness on child rights is being done through engagement with media, relevant stakeholders, communication campaigns, close coordination with academia, sustained capacity building programs and through investment in child rights education. Additionally, collaboration with civil society, children and youth groups, the private sector, academia and the media contributes to these efforts. In Pakistan, the media must invest in enhancing capacity, structures, ethical practices and skills necessary for engaging with children and the issues shaping their lives. It must make space for children in the process of production.
In this regard, the NCRC consistently engages itself with policymakers, media, civil society and other relevant to highlight the promotion and protection of child rights in the country.
During the year, NCRC’s participated in several Seminars, Webinars, Radio Programs and Talk Shows shows on several topics including Universal Children’s Day, Strengthening Coordination Mechanisms, Positive Parenting, Law Reforms, Child Sexual Abuse, Impact of Covid-19 on Children, Domestic Child Labour, Child Trafficking and Anti-Rape Ordinance. Health levy on tobacco to control tobacco exposure among children, Early Marriage, Education, Juvenile Justice System, Street Children and Child Beggary were also discussed with respect to Legislative and Institutional Reforms.
There were over 20 talk shows and 4 orientation sessions with parliamentarians, media representatives, academia, and child right NGOs on Child Protection Legislation. Moreover, there were more than five press releases and official statements of NCRC on significant days such as Universal Children’s Day, Human Rights Day and Press coverage of NCRC’s statements on more than 35 newspapers.

National Commission on the Rights of Child

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